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Backpacker’s Guide to the World is a personal travel blog about backpacking.


I am Alise which is my travel name because “Karola” is relatively difficult to pronounce in many languages and there is a funny story about the origin of the nickname. In real life, I am a computer scientist and I am engaged in research. My experiences are based on journeys of different duration through 50 countries so far. I have lived in Japan for a total of 26 months. Therefore, one of the main focuses of Backpacker’s Guide to the World is Japan. I prefer to report about my personal impressions of places. I also like to list costs so that later travelers can use them for planning. If I find good/useful products, I will gladly recommend them to others. For some articles, there is a matching video on my Youtube channel. The latter also appeals to my passion for filming and photography, but more in the hobby area.

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In general, I can imagine cooperations very well as long as they fit to my personal opinions. Above all, it is important that the basic principles of my blog are not violated. I explicitly reject permanent advertising in the form of ads or banners on my blog. This is because I do not want to include external content (except videos from my YouTube channel), as privacy is very important to me.
In general, I am happy to test products or services and to express my opinion in a blog post. I also like to write guest articles for other blogs if I can contribute something thematically appropriate. Inquiries regarding cooperations, sponsoring or blogger travels are welcome by e-mail or via the contact form.